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Northern Neck Fiber Internet From All Points Broadband

What is the All Points Fiber Advantage?

All Points Broadband is bringing high speed fiber internet to the Northern Neck and throughout Virginia.  With the power of Gig Speed fiber broadband at your fingertips you will be able to work, stream, and learn like never before.  This page is designed to highlight what All Points fiber can do for you.

No Matter the Need...We have your speed!


50 Mbps


✔ Unlimited Data
✔ Good for individual use
✔ Managed WiFi Router
✔ Identical upload and download speeds


100 Mbps


✔ Unlimited Data
✔ Stream HD TV
✔ Good for family use
✔ Managed WiFi Router
✔ Identical upload and download speeds




✔ Unlimited Data
✔ Stream 4K Ultra HD
✔ Good for families and small businesses
✔ Managed WiFi Router
✔ Best for online gaming
✔ Identical upload and download speeds

Why Now Is The Time to Install Fiber

Your internet service might be functioning now,
but it could be very near the end of its useful lifespan.

Due to the high cost of building end-to end fiber networks, only around 25% of U.S. households have access to them. Your County has secured Virgnia Telecommunication Initiative (VATI) grants to subsidize the installation of a full fiber network. Under the grant, you may be eligible to have fiber installed to your home for a fraction of what it costs outside of this opportunity.

Once the grant window closes customers will have to pay the full cost of installation. We urge you to take advantage of VATI grant funding before it runs out.

What's So Special About Fiber Internet?

Fiber broadband networks use fiber optic cables that transmit data through pulses of light. Unlike traditional copper cables, fiber is incredibly compact, and many strands can be bundled together to transmit massive amounts of data at once. Fiber also has incredibly low attenuation rates (signal loss) and can transmit data across long distances before needing any boost to the signal.

Work Fearlessly

Never worry about a dropped call or a missed video conference with the power of fiber internet at your back.

Learn From the Kitchen Table

Equip your family with the tools they need to be successful outside of the classroom or enroll in that additional course across the globe without leaving the kitchen.

Bring Back movie Night

Ditch the expensive Dish and discover what your friends and neighbors already know.  Live Streaming TV solutions like Hulu and YouTube TV are compatible with high speed internet.  Take back movie night with the family and stream the latest net

Internet In A Class Of Its Own

A chart comparing fiber internet verses DSL, Satellite, and mobile hotspots.

Peak Performance At Peak Hours.


You may have noticed that your internet slows down during peak hours. When too many people are online, traditional networks ration their limited bandwidth by slowing it down for everyone. Fiber does not suffer from low bandwidth problems. It is so powerful it never needs to throttle speeds or limit data.

I have heard about Satellite internet. What are the advantages of Fiber?

Fiber VS Sattellite FAQs

is fiber faster than sattellite?

Fiber can provide faster upload and download speeds, as well as higher bandwidth capacity than satellite.

Do fiber internet speeds fluctuate?

Fiber internet has very limited speed fluctuations. The best-in-class bandwidth means that your speeds are never throttled down during times of heavy usage, and the hardwired cable isn’t affected by bad weather or heavy cloud cover like satellite signals.

What does “identical upload/download speed” mean?

Most forms of internet are faster at downloads than uploads, but fiber has the same speed in both directions. This means you can seamlessly stream HD video and video chat with crystal clear connections. Work and play on our blazing-fast network.

why is fiber called "future proof"?

While nothing is truly future-proof, fiber is considered the technology with the highest ceiling. As video resolutions get higher, more people use the internet, and data usage intensifies, having high-bandwidth will become very important. Fiber has higher bandwidth than rival technologies like satellite internet and can be more easily upgraded as technology improves. This is why government-backed network projects overwhelmingly choose fiber.

how much is installation?

The cost of installation is dependent on what cycle of the VATI grant your area falls under. To see the full cost of your first month of service, including your installation fee, Click Here and input your address.

Is Fiber More Secure than satellite?

It is generally accepted that fiber is more secure than satellite internet. Fiber internet is considered a "hard wired" service. Some medical organizations and most government or military organizations require a hard wired connection because open air signals like satellite and mobile hotspots are considered more vulnerable.

New Homeowners Are Searching For FIBER!

A 2015 study found that having highspeed internet installed in your home
increased home value by 3.1%, or $5,400 for the average home in America.

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