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Eligible Customers Can Save on their Internet and Voice Service with Lifeline


Everyone deserves access to high-speed fiber broadband and quality voice service.  All Points Broadband is helping our communities Live Connected by participating in the Lifeline program.

Lifeline is a federal program dedicated to making phone and internet service more affordable for low-income households.

You may be eligible for a Lifeline discount of $9.25 per month if:

1. You, a dependent, or a member of your household meets at least one of the following requirements.

  • Is eligible to receive:
    • o Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP or food stamps) – you may have a Virginia EBT card if you participate;
      o Medicaid
      o Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits;
      o Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefits;
      o Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA, or Section 8); or,
  •  If your gross annual household income is at or below the 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines

2.  No one in your household already receives a Lifeline benefit.

Lifeline FAQ

To be eligible for a monthly Lifeline discount on your internet and/or voice service bill you, your dependent, or someone in your home, needs to meet the eligibility requirements outlined above.

If you meet the eligibility requirements discussed above and enroll in Lifeline with All Points Broadband as your registered internet and/or voice service provider, we will discount your monthly bill by $9.25. 

Verification of Lifeline eligibility is often completed within a matter of minutes; however, the verification process may take up to 15 days in some cases.

Lifeline customers are recertify their eligibility for Lifeline on an annual basis in order to continue receiving the Lifeline discount. Some Lifeline participants’ eligibility will be electronically verified and they will not be required to take any action to continue receiving Lifeline benefits. Other Lifeline participants will be asked by the Lifeline program administrator to recertify their eligibility to receive Lifeline, which could happen as often as once each year.

No.  Discounts will appear on your monthly bill after you have verified your Lifeline eligibility and enrolled in Lifeline with All Points Broadband.

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Apply for Lifeline Today through the FCC

Lifeline is a government assistance program phone and internet
service more affordable for low-income households that makes phone and internet service more affordable for low-income households. Only eligible consumers may enroll in Lifeline. Lifeline benefits and service are limited to one monthly discount per household and cannot be transferred to another individual even if
they qualify.


All Points Northern Neck d/b/a All Points Broadband offers Lifeline
in the areas where it is designated as an Eligible Telecommunications Carrier.


 For more information about Lifeline, Review our FAQs.