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APB Fiber Refer a Friend Program

How Do I Earn The $100 Customer Referral Credit?

Earning a referral is really simple and is done in three easy steps.


Refer a Friend

Tell your friend and neighbors about our service and how to sign up.

One important detail: the new customer must purchase service and indicate your address and name in the description tab pictured below for you to receive the credit.


New Customer is Installed

The customer that you referred is installed and has paid their initial invoice. This step kicks off the referral credit process.


Receive the $100 Referral Credit

If you remain a customer in good standing, All Points will credit $100 on your account.  You can expect to see the credit normally within 5 business days after your customer referral has paid his or her first invoice.

Additional Questions About The Program

How Do I refer Customers?

This we will leave completely up to you.  Mention your great internet service at a family gathering, at the kids sporting match or school event, or even when running into your neighbor at the grocery store.  The easiest way is to get them to go to and click GET STARTED to sign up for services.

How Many $100 Credits Can I Receive?

There is no limit to the amount of referral credits a single customer can accrue. To be eligible for a credit the “Referrer” and “New Customer” must follow all steps outlined in the program. If customers are abusing the program, All Points reserves the right to refuse  the credit only after alerting the “Referrer” of the abuse of the program.

Can I Get Credit For Previous People That Signed Up? 

No.  This program is exclusive to Richmond County Fiber to the Home build and is effective as of October 23, 2023.  Additionally, to be eligible for the All Points Referral credit, the New Customer must indicate the Referrer at the time of sale. 

Do I have to wait until the referral is installed to receive my All Points Refer a Friend Credit?

Yes you will need to wait until the person that you referred is installed AND has paid the first month of service.